Should I Sell My Current Property Before Buying a New One ?

Should I Sell My Current Property Before Buying a New One?

Selling a property before buying a new one is sometimes good but it has some problems. In the case of a house, If you sell it before purchasing a new one then you will need a temporary space to live in, and moving from one place to other and then again to another one can be a bit irritating for many individuals. However, selling before buying can be good because it will create good funds for you that can be used for the new and better property. There are also some problems with buying before selling but it is pretty common and has benefits of its own.


Advantages of Buying Before Selling:

There are many advantages to buying before you sell your current property and that’s why many people prefer this over selling before buying.


  • When you have sufficient funds and you buy a property before selling your current property then you’ll have more time and opportunities to get the best offer for the current property especially when there are more buyers compared to the availability of properties.
  • You will not have to move your things multiple times and as we mentioned earlier, It is irritating for many people and there is some risk of your belongings getting misplaced. 
  • It will be easier for you to manage the property. You will not be in a rush of getting things done on the new property and you will also be able to look out for more things you can do with the current property like small repairs or any needed renovation to increase the value of the property.

Disadvantages of Buying Before Selling :


The advantages apply to the conditions when things are in your favor and you have enough funds. There are some disadvantages to buying before you sell your current property.


  • If you do not have sufficient funds then you will face challenges with renovation or repairs needed on the current property and the custom touches you want to give to your new property. 
  • You will also be in hurry to sell the previous property because of the lack of funds and you might not get the best deal possible especially when you are in a buyer’s real estate market where the properties are in abundance.
  • Property management will also become a mess due to lack of funds and in the case of two houses, You will have to pay the taxes for both of them.

You can sell your current property before purchasing a new one if you know the condition of the real estate market in the respective area, You have already decided on the new property, Moving items are safe and other factors related to your funds and plans. If you keep check of all these things carefully then you can easily bear the advantages of selling before buying. You will have sufficient funds, You will be able to add custom touches to your new property and will have to pay the taxes only for one property.

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