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Borivali – Mumbai’s Preferred Destination?

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and this city is the home of so many opportunities. If you want to live in this city then you should know about the best area at your convenience and Borivali is a great choice to live in. Borivali is one of the best residential areas in Mumbai with amazing housing options. It is affordable and has one of the best air quality in the entire Mumbai due to the presence of many parks. There are many reasons to choose this area. Mumbai’s Preferred Destination?


  • Excellent Connectivity: Connectivity is one of the most important things to check while looking for a property. The proximity of the airport, metro station, market area, malls, and important roads like Western Express Highway makes it an area with excellent connectivity. Borivali East is close to the market area and metro station whereas Borivali West is close to the airport and some major parks. This convenient location with affordability makes Borivali a great choice for real estate investment and it is constantly growing due to new real estate projects and infrastructural development. 
  • Social Infrastructure: Business is growing at a good pace in Borivali and the presence of important schools, colleges, and hospitals makes it a suitable choice for all age groups. The pleasant atmosphere due to the presence of Sanjay Gandhi National Parks makes this area even more liveable and one of the best residential areas in Mumbai
  • Steady Appreciation: This area provides amazing opportunities for real estate investment. The introduction of new real estate projects and infrastructural development guarantees a steady and constant increase in your profit. The housing industry is flourishing in this area due to a constant increase in the number of people shifting to this area due to the perks and affordability this area offers. 
  • More for Less: This area is going to provide great returns to investors and after the lockdown, The demand for homes and apartments has increased because people now need more carpet area. This is having a positive impact on the housing industry and continuous development is going to provide greater returns if you invest as soon as possible. The affordability provided by this area makes it a great choice to live in.
  • Tourist Hub: There are plenty of tourist destinations in Borivali. Places like Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Fish Park, Kanheri caves, Mandapeshwar caves, and many other smaller parks make this place a tourist hub. This proximity to these amazing tourist places increases the value of properties in this area even more and recreation becomes a lot more convenient.

If you are looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live then Borivali is the perfect choice for you. This place is also a great choice for real estate investments due to the increasing demand and introduction of many new projects and infrastructural developments. The presence of tourist destinations and the natural beauty around it makes it a perfect housing option. All these reasons make Borivali a much-preferred destination in Mumbai. Mumbai’s Preferred Destination?

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