Smart Tips to Buy a Property in Pune at a Lower Price

Smart Tips to Buy a Property in Pune at a Lower Price

When buying property, it is important to do a little research on the local real-estate market. Through the use of online sites and useful phone applications, you can get critical information in seconds. And this is vital when you are deciding whether or not to spend your hard-earned money on a home. Below are some helpful tips for saving money when buying property in Pune.


1) Recognize a market of buyer

In buyer’s markets, prices are lower because there are more properties available than buyers. Buyers and sellers may be able to negotiate. Even sellers try to get the best price by offering competitive properties.


2) Take a guide from a real estate professional

Finding a budget-friendly house in Pune can be very time-consuming. That’s why, it’s better to book a real estate firm to find a suitable house under your budget. One of the best ways to do that is by reading their reviews, where you can see how other clients feel about the service they received.


3) Negotiate with your seller

When you have no experience buying or building a house, negotiations with sellers or builders can be difficult. But there’s nothing wrong with trying it, and in many cases, you can negotiate a discount. Before starting the conversation, figure out the property’s worth by considering factors such as its construction quality, the cost of the land it sits on, and any special features. Inspect the property well to find out its drawbacks, and based on that information, talk to the seller about getting a discount.


4) Choose for an under-construction house

If you are looking to buy a house at a lower price, then you should opt for an under-construction house. Ready-to-move-in houses are more expensive than their under-construction counterparts. When buying such a property, make sure that it is RERA-approved.


5) Buy a house in an new location

Township properties are cheaper than central city properties. If you buy a house in the suburbs, you will save 20 to 60 percent of its price. The value of such houses goes up over time, and so does their price appreciation potential. And, living in a suburb gives you access to a clean and fresh environment.


6) Find a resale house

When purchasing a second-hand property, you must take into account its construction quality, age, and many other factors. However, one thing is sure: you will be able to save money on it. When negotiating the price of a resale house, you should try getting a discount on it.



If you’re looking to buy a house in Pune at a lower price, then it’s best to wait for the appropriate time. You can save a lot of money if you buy a home in a buyer’s market. If you require it, hire a real estate agent who can help you find a budget-friendly property. Negotiating the price for the house will increase your chances to save big. A property located in an upcoming area or under construction is also a good investment if you wish to save more money. Lastly, consider participating in an auction to purchase the best home possible.